‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 15 review: Another Aria – Ezra surprise

Who's in the Box -Pretty Little Liars” kick-started a new crazy train during the Halloween Special with a very big reveal: Ezra is a part of the “A Team,” or possibly even the guy himself. There is a pretty terrifying notion of what would happen to Aria if she was to find out that the same guy that she’s loved all this time is really the man that she is supposed to be afraid of.

But when we saw the Liars choose to get a break from the rain by staying in Ezra’s secret cabin, that was almost a giant cue to sound some of the alarms. This could not be good, especially when you saw earlier that this was a guy who was already up to trouble a little earlier on in the episode.

Did Ezra destroy the Liars? Not exactly, but he did make a situation so much harder on them courtesy of what happened at that cabin. He found a way to arrive, steal a valuable book stuffed full of Ali details, and then escape without being noticed. Then, he told Aria that he loved her to boot. All of this was very exciting, and is going to create so much more drama for her later when she inevitably learns the truth.

Overall, “Love ShAck Baby” (as this episode as called) was very entertaining, but there was one major issue that we have: Hanna having some sort of potential love interest already. It’s too soon! We don’t necessarily need to see every Liar have some sort of romantic storyline going on. Otherwise, this was a solid episode that was mostly designed to build towards something so much greater. Grade: B-.

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Photo: ABC Family

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