‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 spoilers: What’s up with Mona and Ezra?

During the “Pretty Little Liars” winter premiere last week, we imagine that you probably noticed a little bit of that underlying tension between Mona and Ezra as they went back and forth in an epic battle of wills. These people are both very intelligent, somewhat mysterious, and they also have deep ties to that axis of evil otherwise known as the “A Team.”

So what is going to come next from them moving forward? That is something that will unfold slowly, and at times even revolve around a very important question: How high up on the ladder does Mona think that Ezra really is? Is he just another “A” pawn, or someone running the whole operation? This is a matter that executive producer Joseph Dougherty teased as a part of a new interview with E! News, where he explained that for the time being, Mona may see Ezra as an equal:

“I think Mona thinks they’re both working for the same person, but of course that might be ego on her part. So again I’m not so sure she thinks she’s working for him. Being a super genius and being an evil genius is rough, it takes a lot out of you.”

Would you be surprised if it was somehow revealed that Ezra was actually the man behind the entire operation? We would, with the major reason for that being that we feel like the real person running this ship has yet to be revealed. Plus, if Ezra is at the center of the operation, then it would be somewhat of a bummer that we have nowhere else to build. Once Aria finds out about his involvement, then the mystery would suddenly stop. We don’t think anyone wants that.

But with all of this being said, there is still another interesting question: Who would be the right person to be at the center of “A’s” operation if not Ezra? Is there another character that we would genuinely care about on the same level? Time will tell.

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