‘American Idol XIII’ spoilers: Schedule for auditions, Hollywood Week, live shows, more

The logo -Tomorrow, the journey begins anew on “American Idol” as the one-time “biggest show on TV” returns in hopes of proving to everyone that there is something still left in the tank. You have new judges, a new attitude, and overall a much more positive spirit than you had at this point last year. It felt like the show lost itself in trying to be star-studded, and it can now rediscover some of what made people like in the first place: A panel with good chemistry, and contestants that matter more than anyone else.

Just to give you a general outline of the season, let’s make this article at least in part about the schedule of events that Fox has released. For the most part it will be pretty standard, but the good news is that by the middle of February, we are going to be in the live format.

January 15 – January 30 – The auditions! The cities being visited this year include Boston, Austin, San Francisco, Detroit, Atlanta, Salt Lake City, and Omaha (bonus points if the latter features Peyton Manning).

February 5 – February 13 – The Hollywood Round! This includes some standard Hollywood Week fare, but also the new “Hollywood or Home” twist. While this has not been confirmed, rumor has it that the contestants who did not receive three “yes” votes are forced to perform again for their spot.

February 18 – February 20 – Rush Week, which is slightly less boozy than Rush Week in college. Basically, the top 15 men and women are going to perform, and of these 30 contestants, 13 will make it into the elusive top 13.

February 26 – The first live show performance of the entire season.

The finale will once again take place in May, and there are already some assorted rumors and controversies out there about it. Mjsbigblog reported recently that the finale would take place this year at the renovated Madison Square Garden in New York City, and there have since been sources and evidence both for and against that happening. While this is speculation on our part, we would not be too shocked to see producers waiting for early ratings to come in to make something official, mostly because if the show bombs for whatever reason, would they really want to spend all that money getting everyone out to New York? If the show does well, then we have no reason to doubt that producers would love to be in the Big Apple.

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Photo: Fox

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