‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 4, episode 11 review: Carlton Gebbia needs her own show

carlton gebbia -As much as we have been praying to the TV gods and leaving them offerings of popcorn and soda, this episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is going to contain more of Brandi and Joyce going over the same drama that has been going on for 10 episodes already. We are so over this storyline, mostly because Brandi’s antics have been so over the top negative that it’s made us walk away from out favorite guilty pleasure show week after week feeling depressed. The only saving grace this show has is Carlton Gebbia as she has delivered us the juicy, fun, rich people indulgences that we tune in for every week.

This week Carlton meets up with Brandi at a pole dancing class, but she’s totally bombed she she shows up… like completely totally wasted. Carlton’s showing off these amazing booty cut underwear (that has swear words on it of course), she’s licking the pole and touching some of the other women. Oh Carlton, we love you and you need your own show immediately if not sooner.

Kim’s daughter has graduated high school and to send her off to college in style Kim throws her an amazing party. Carlton and Brandi show up to the party and although Brandi is feeling sick, Carlton is still looking to keep her buzz going. Because this is Kim’s party (she’s a recovering alcoholic and Kim’s daughter is under age) there’s no booze available much to Carltons’ dismay. When Brandi starts throwing up, Carlton and her decide to leave. The one person that was obviously absent was Lisa… where was she?

Lisa organizes for the ladies to get together at her house to donate some clothing (prom wear) for under-privileged girls. When Kim gets there she confronts Lisa about not being at her daughter’s graduation party and when Lisa says she was away for the weekend, Kim tells her that her hairdresser saw Lisa at SUR the same day. Lisa later admits that she did come back from her trip early and was at SUR that night. When Kim lashes out a bit at Lisa, Ken makes a rude comment to Kim and says he’s protecting his wife… which is really interesting since he just said last week that Michael was in the wrong for protecting Joyce when she was getting attacked by another woman, that the men should stay out of it. Make up your mind Ken!

Brandi decides to take opportunity to talk to Joyce to “smooth things out”, but the way Brandi “lists” off her problems she seems to be confrontational. When Joyce has a chance to talk, Brandi keeps cutting her off and things quickly escalate when talk of bullying come up. Brandi says that she’s not here to apologize, that she’s done nothing wrong and Joyce is also not willing to apologize. So in other words, it’s the same old garbage that’s been going on all season.

Lisa finally sits down with Brandi and convinces her to apologize to Joyce and end the situation. Joyce accepts the apology and apologizes herself, but is this really going to stick? We hope to the TV gods that it’s finally over.

We are sooooooo over Brandi and this fight with Joyce. It’s such a downer, and we are tired of  feeling depressed every Monday night. Bravo needs to infuse some light into this show with someone like Carlton. Grade: D

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Photo: Bravo

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