‘Better Call Saul’: Vince Gilligan talks ‘Breaking Bad’ spin-off at Golden Globes

Better Call Saul season 1It really should not surprise you at all that somehow, the 2014 Golden Globes eventually did turn into a venue for the press to jump all over Vince Gilligan to ask questions when it comes to the “Breaking Bad” spin-off “Better Call Saul.” He won a Golden Globe for the final season of the AMC hit, and backstage came all of the questions … even if Peter Gould is technically running this show rather than him.

While there weren’t too many major developments, one thing that we’re sure a good many out there would be pleased to know is that there are still hopes to get cameos from the original stars. Here’s what Gilligan said (per The Hollywood Reporter):

“We are plugging away on Better Call Saul — in our fourth week in the writers’ room on that — and [executive producer] Peter Gould and I will be hitting up all these wonderful actors for cameos at some point. We have to figure out how to work that out, story-wise.”

With the writing process already underway, it will probably be in a few months when the show actually starts up filming. This is the traditional sort of timeline for most cable dramas, where they start to dive into work and see what happens from there.

With this show, we really can’t imagine how there could be more pressure when it comes to delivering a fantastic product. After all, if you fail, the one thing that you really run the risk of is ruining the original show, or have people say that this is where you should have stopped rather than creating some sort of new thing. But, Gilligan clearly has faced several barrels’ worth of pressure before, especially with everyone saying that the “Breaking Bad” ending would not live up to the show.

The news was just handed down earlier this weekend that “Better Call Saul” is going to premiere on AMC this November, so you are going to have that to look forward to.

Photo: AMC

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