NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5 spoilers: A little more insight into Walton Goggins’ role

Walton Goggins -When the news was first announced about Walton Goggins’ appearance on “Community” for a story that had something to do with Pierce Hawthorne’s departure, we were pretty confused, to say the least. It was hard to figure out what was going to happen with him; while the show has been dark at times, usually it’s not so dark as to actually kill off someone important.

But, “Community’ decided to do something a little bit different when it comes to Pierce Hawthorne. They actually did kill him off on this past episode, and decided to make it into something that was appropriately both sad and also funny at the same time.

Now that we know a little of what happened to Pierce, it makes Goggins’ guest role a little more interesting and insightful. He plays a man who comes to Greendale looking for answers, and also potentially looking to conduct some sort of polygraph in order to better identify what all of the Greendale students knew about Pierce, and to answer some unresolved questions.

While Walton has played roles on “The Shield,” “Justified,” and “Sons of Anarchy” that can occasionally have humor around them, being in a straight-up comedy series is something new to him. With that being said, though, Dan Harmon has done a great job continually finding people more trained in drama, and then turning them into actors worthy of a few laughs. Alison Brie was known for “Mad Men” before this show, Gillian Jacobs was trained more in drama, and new cast member Jonathan Banks was on “Breaking Bad” prior to this show. He’s going to be great on the show, and we feel confident enough about it to scream “six seasons and a movie” from Greendale’s possibly-dilapidated rooftop.

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Photo: NBC

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