‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Lucy Aragon has a unique Juan Pablo Galavis strategy (video)

Lucy Aragon -Sure, you can consider Lucy Aragon as some sort of “Bachelor” producer plant designed largely to just create as much drama as possible for the show. As a matter of fact, we’d be shocked if you didn’t consider that, based on what she is being set up as. Producers knew exactly what they were getting with her, and there’s virtually no way that Juan Pablo Galavis wants the blacklash from the conservative viewers for picking someone who has no interest in wearing clothes most of the time. (Although Ben Flajnik picked Courtney Robertson and she bared all during his season and he picked her…. and look how well that turned out!)

So to see her go without a top in the sneak peek video below … not surprising at all. The one thing that we’ll say is that clearly, this is just Lucy being Lucy. You can tell that she’s not just playing this up for Juan Pablo, since he’s not even there to witness it as she gets in the hot tub. While there are a few women who shake their heads at her, nobody seems to be that upset about it.

As for the rest of the content of this video (via Yahoo! TV), one of the biggest surprises here is mostly that Lucy doesn’t seem to be that concerned at all about getting a one-on-one date rose. As a matter of fact, she’s hoping more to be on a group date, thinking that she is very good in these situations and will find a way to stand out. Based on what we see of her, we imagine that she is going to do just fine in that setting. But what about the other women? While everything seems to be okay with her showing some skin at the house, imagine just what it will be like if she starts doing it in front of Juan Pablo. She’s not seemingly malicious like Courtney Robertson was, but she’ll be hated nonetheless.

What do you think: Is Lucy going to have any chance of staying for a long time, or is her personality just way too much of a “free spirit” (go read her bio) for this to work? Let us know! Also, sign up to get some CarterMatt TV updates in your email inbox! New editions of our newsletter come out every Sunday.

Photo: ABC

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