‘White Collar’ season 5, episode 11 spoilers: A Matt Bomer – Bridget Regan surprise

Have you had some time to digest what happened on “White Collar” Thursday night? Let’s be honest here: It felt pretty obvious to us that Rebecca Lowe was up to far more than just being a woman at a museum who was fairly innocent in the criminal world. The idea of her as a kingpin here is not a shocker, but it does put Neal Caffrey in a pretty precarious position moving forward.

Are there feelings that are there? It seems to be, and even though Neal is pretty good at detaching himself from most matters of the heart, he has to be hurting now. So why are they kissing in this new photo from “Shot Through the Heart,” the new episode airing Thursday night?

The obvious explanation here would be that these are people who have at least some feelings for each other. What Rebecca did to Neal is probably not personal, since she has her own priorities and goals. She may be surprised that her feelings for Matt Bomer’s character grew the way that they did, and he may feel the same way about her.

Meanwhile, here is a nice alternate explanation for what could be going on here. Isn’t it possible that Neal is trying to pull one over now on Bridget Regan’s character? He may be trying to keep up the ruse so that he can help grow her feelings for him. Mind games are something that “White Collar” is known for, and at this point, you have to believe that Neal is pretty good at them. He and Peter have been playing a game of cat-and-mouse for quite a long time now and for the next three weeks, we know that these games are going to continue.

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