‘Girls’ season 3, episode 2 preview: Shoshanna, Adam talk silverware

The latest -How in the world are we writing about a “Girls” episode 2 preview before season 3 even premieres? For the answer of that, you don’t have to look any further than thanking HBO. The network is premiering the new season on Sunday night with back-to-back installments, and the one airing at 10:30 p.m. Eastern time is going to be a pretty funny little installment where you get to know some more about the characters in unusual situations.

One great example? Watching Adam and Shoshanna having a conversation, which is done pretty perfectly here. These are two people who know about each other indirectly, with Hannah serving as their source of information. They’ve spent a ton of time in the same room, but rarely ever have a conversation together of great significance.

Basically, they don’t have one here, either. The entirety of this back-and-forth is spent trying to figure out what is the perfect utensil to use when eating, and after about 30 seconds of extreme awkwardness, Hannah shows up, bails us out of having to hear more of this, and then says that she’s not hungry before ordering pancakes, turkey or regular bacon, and a milkshake.

This entire scene is basically “Girls” in a microcosm. Some are going to find this whole scene very funny, whereas some others are going to find it very awkward, uncomfortable, and at times annoying. Lena Dunham isn’t making the show for the latter group of people. This is going to hopefully capture some comedy, but also the imagination that we saw last year. This is what gets people talking about TV these days, so much more so than just watching people go on and on about things that they’ve already discussed rigorously.

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Photo: HBO

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