‘Arrow’ season 2, episode 10 preview: New Stephen Amell peek offers time of panic

Is there a reason to be genuinely concerned about the state of Starling City? Let’s put it this way: If Oliver Queen is worried, then there is probably an issue … and that is precisely what we see in the sneak peek video below from the new “Arrow” season 2 clip below courtesy of The CW.

In this video, the primary suspect is mostly just trying to figure out what is the real state of decay for the Arrow given what he has learned about the serum being out there for people to take: It’s huge trouble. It took so much to take down just one man in Cyrus Gold, so imagine just what it would take in order to destroy almost anyone else that came within its wake. Basically, it is going to be a pretty difficult situation if this continues to be mass-produced.

The unfortunate thing here is that Oliver doesn’t quite know the true state of Slade Wilson’s involvement yet, but he may suspect something now given that there are not exactly too many other sources who are going to have a knowledge of the serum, how it works, and how dangerous it can be.

The only other important piece of information in here? That Stephen Amell’s character is practically missing one of his limbs, at least in that he is without the services of Felicity Smoak that has been more valuable for him than words can really express. She is busy dealing with the aftermath of what happened to Barry Allen, who was placed in a coma following the incident in Central City at the end of “Three Ghosts.” We may or may not see it on the show itself until the pilot for this series comes on in the fall, but this is going to allow him to become The Flash in time.

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