‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4 spoilers: Ashley Benson’s Hanna and a new inspiration

Who's in the Box -Hanna’s not exactly going through an easy time on “Pretty Little Liars” at the moment. We just saw things take a very sad turn when it comes to her relationship with Caleb, and there is still a problem otherwise known as her having to deal with the force that is “A.” This is a monster that is still out there, and she doesn’t know what Ezra’s role is.

Is that going to change at some point in the near future? Based on the details that we have now for “Bite Your Tongue,” the 17th episode of season 4 airing on January 28, the Ezra mystery may still be going on. However, Hanna has quite a bit of other good stuff coming up, as she ends up looking to literature of all places to help solve the case. (Given that Ezra is an English teacher, this actually makes a little bit of sense.) Just take a look at the full synopsis below for more:

“Hanna’s new interest in crime novels helps her to come up with a plan to try and figure out whose body is in Ali’s grave. While Hanna is on her hunt, Spencer is working overtime to decipher the stories in Ali’s diary which she hopes will reveal the identity of Ali’s mystery man. But with both girls hot on the trail, will their work lead them straight into ‘A’s’ path?

“Meanwhile, Aria is upset with the new friend Mike has made and Emily’s dad is concerned about her behavior.”

Hey, this means that we are seeing more of Mike! Remember that full year when he just didn’t exist? That was kind of bizarre. He’s one of those characters that you constantly feel should be more involved in what is going on than he is, mostly because unlike Melissa Hastings, he is not old enough to really get away from Rosewood.

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