‘Sons of Anarchy’ season 7: Assorted updates, and a hope for more Venus

The “Sons of Anarchy” hiatus is a long one. While we celebrate FX for actually bringing us the entire season consecutively (with an exception of a one week hiatus during Thanksgiving), it’s always afterwards that you sit around and wish that there was just. One. More. Episode. If nothing else, just to see what happened next with Jax.

But alas, it is not to be. The story of SAMCRO will likely return in September, just as you would you expect. Unless something unusual happens, we would think that the 9th or the 16th would be the most-likely dates. In case you missed them during the week, here are a few updates that took place.

1. In case you missed the previous story, Drea de Matteo is now a series regular. Therefore, more Wendy! Given that Tara is dead, didn’t you expect to see more of her? To us, the interesting part of the character comes in juxtaposing her journey start to finish over the past years with Jax’s.

2. This has been uttered on a few occasions, but creator Kurt Sutter is still interested in a prequel detailing the early days of the club … eventually. What he will be working on next is a show entitled “The Bastard Executioner,” and he said during a recent Twitter Q&A that his “evil plan” (i.e. awesome plan) would be to have the show air in September just like “Sons of Anarchy” does. Obviously, you won’t be seeing the medieval show until at least 2015.

3. We’re still looking at a 13-episode “Sons of Anarchy” season, but something to remember here is that FX is more flexible with their time than some other networks. Therefore, you could still be getting a ton of the show in those 13 weeks.

4. While it’s still too early to know much about returning guest stars, Sutter says that if the writers can “find the right story,” he would love to have another appearance from Walton Goggins as Venus Van Dam. We love the character in the universe, so it’s hard to argue against it. We almost hope that if it happens, though, it stays under wraps. (It may sound counter-intuitive to say that as a TV scoop writer, but the fan part of our brain does like surprises.)

We’ll have some more assorted updates here and there on “Sons of Anarchy” during the hiatus.

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