‘Hawaii Five-0’ season 4 introduces second round of ‘Fan Built Five-0’ voting

The latest -At this point, we’ve made a complete turnaround on the whole “Hawaii Five-0” – “Fan Built Five-0” concept. At first, it felt like a weird way to crowd-source an episode and take away from what the writers are doing; now, we see it as a pretty brilliant promotional tour, and also a challenge for the writers to come up with a story that makes some sense based on what sort of information the fans have given them.

So far, the results of the voting have been interesting to say the least. We’ve learned that the murder weapon is going to be a stiletto, the setting will be at Chin Ho’s high school reunion, and that at some point, we are going to see the chase lead to a giant maze. These are all completely random things, and that is what could make watching the episode fun.

Now, the next round of voting is open, and in it you can check out a few important things including the clothing for Chin and Kono, and also the design of the shoe that’s going to be used to kill. We would’ve loved more options, but personally, we would go with a much different shoe than what the fans are picking. If the murder weapon is a stiletto, why not make it as ridiculous as you possibly can? That only seems like the logical way to go about it, at least if you’re interested in trying to make this whole thing as fun as humanly possible.

This episode is going to air near the end of the season (think around the time that sweeps rolls around), and there are some other elements to the voting that still need to be decided. For example, the music will be voted on the week of February 14, and we also know that the episode title will be selected starting on March 7. This may be a ratings ploy, but it’s at least one that we are invested in watching.

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Photo: CBS

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