‘Shark Tank’ review: GrooveBook, Wall Doctor, Bounce Boot Camp, and Eyebloc

The latest -Shark Tank” returned from holiday break with all sorts of products … and also all sorts of entertainment. There were cool ideas, ridiculous ideas, and something that made us want to at least jump around in a bouncy castle for a few minutes. All in all, it’s another solid episode of the show; while you may or may not like all of the products, there are still the sharks and they are always entertaining.

If you are new to our “Shark Tank” reviews, know that we’ve accumulated all of the product links below for your convenience. Therefore, there’s no need to scour around the internet and try to figure out where everything is if you want to buy the products.

Bounce Boot Camp (seeking $30,000 for 20%) – Basically, it’s a bouncy castle that you can double as a workout. It’s a cool idea to get kids in shape, but not the most practical one. You have to have the space to put one of these bouncy castles, and you also have to have the money. In between the cost of the locations and of the equipment, there isn’t anything to invest in right now. This is a guy who is caught in that classic dilemma of wanting to follow his dream, and not having the time or money to do it. Unfortunately, the sharks can’t invest in a dream, even if it is one with a pretty noble cause. We do at least think that the guy pitching the product at least came off well, so he leaves with his head held high. No deal.

Wall Doctor (or Wall Rx) (seeking $150,000 for 10%) – We’re not going to beat around the bush here. Even though we have little knowledge of the home improvement space, there’s no doubt that this is a great product. It’s something that is affordable, seemingly effect at fixing drywall, and seems perfect for QVC or the infomercial scene. Plus, there’s even a real doctor at the head of it! Great stuff all around in theory, and the sharks were getting worked up into a feeding frenzy.

Unfortunately, our doctor here was not that willing to let them bite. You see, he quickly realized the attention that he was getting and tries to make something more happen. That failed, and he’s lucky enough to still get a deal that was originally handed to him. Robert Herjavec gave him the money he asked for, took no equity, and instead asked for exclusive international rights. That is an interesting deal since he could give up a ton of money. Apparently, he thinks that there is enough business in America for it to not matter.

Eyebloc (seeking some crazy amount of money) – There was a certain part of this presentation that we found funny, and he is right in a way: Nobody wants to be spied on while they are using a webcam. But, as Mark Cuban said, his entire business is basically making people feel afraid enough that they need this product. Also, the price point is too high, this is too easy to lose, and there are a million other things that you can put over your webcam. Like we said in our preview, there are similarities between this and another product in the SoundBender; the difference is that the latter is a piece of plastic that actually can be used for something unique. There’s not a lot that makes this unique. No deal.

GrooveBook (seeking $150,000 for 20% of the company) – We really wanted to like these guys since they had a great product. While having too many photos on your smartphone can be a total #RichPeopleProblems sort of thing, having them shipped to you in albums is a great way to hold your memories without you doing any of the work. The price point is reasonable, and there should be an expanding market.

But, a few issues here. They are reliant on their commercial printing business, and also what if you have some less-than-flattering photos on your phone? Do you really want them out there? That’s probably your own fault, though, if you subscribe to it. This negotiation got very complicated, but it was fascinating to see the husband-and-wife duo behind this, along with Mark Cuban and Kevin O’Leary, come up with something that worked for all parties. Basically, what they ended up with was that they would continue to do what they were doing with subscribers, and they were paid $150,000 for 80% of the sales for a new brand of the company that would allow for one-off printing. Basically, they gained a new business without seemingly losing any of their own. While some of their subscribers could flee, imagine the sort of international sales they could draw with this. Well worth the risk.

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