‘Bones’ season 9, episode 12 review: Is the Ghost Killer really out there?

Ghost in the Killer -Usually when we are talking about “Bones” mysteries, we are talking about ones that are a little more obvious; however, the story all about “The Ghost in the Killer” was one that was deeply rooted in mystery from start to finish. You had a possible serial killer on the loose, but the major issue here is that this is a serial killer that nobody was able to prove existed.

This was why for the vast majority of the episode, everyone in the Jeffersonian looked at Brennan like she was actually the Tooth Fairy whenever she brought up the name “Ghost Killer.” She was having dreams about it, and of course Pelant was involved in them. Therefore, she was labeled with something that she is not often handed: Emotional. She was too close to the cases to really know whether or not there was a killer out there … or at least so she was told.

At one point, Brennan was even taken off part of the investigation, only to see Edison be put in charge of running it instead. In the end, Brennan actually did seem okay with this once she realized that they were on the same page.

The frustrating thing about this episode is that it really did not drop much of a hint as to who this Ghost Killer is. As a matter of fact, there is no proof that this killer even exists yet beyond Brennan’s assumption that she is out there. But, we’re on Booth’s side here: When is she ever wrong? The answer to that is “not often,” which is why we’re inclined to believe that there is good stuff coming up. Grade: B+.

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