Could Chevy Chase return to TV full-time? ABC eyes possible ‘Vacation’ series

The title above is not a joke: ABC may be trying to bring National Lampoon’s “Vacation” to you every week as a series. Not only that, but they may have on board two of the franchise’s biggest stars in order for it to happen.

Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, who appeared in numerous editions of the franchise as a family trying to make the best out of horrible situations (most of them their own creation), are being courted to return for a show that is still in the early stages of planning. If it happens, it would not be until most likely the fall 2015 / spring 2016 season. Aaron Kaplan (“Terra Nova”) is already on board to executive produce.

The first question that you have to ask here is pretty simple: Are the Griswolds really worthwhile TV viewing every week? Outside of the original “Vacation” and also the Christmas movies, most of them weren’t all that great. The films are also very old, meaning that nobody has really cared about them for a good many years at this point. We can’t see this really lighting up the demo.

Plus, there is the little problem known as Chevy himself. While nobody questions the man’s talent, his reputation (which has already been discussed at great lengths) took an enormous hit with what happened on “Community.” You can blame what happened with the voicemail entirely on Dan Harmon if you want, but there is still the incident that happened last season that led to him eventually exiting the show. He did come back during the premiere as a sign of good faith, but one of the conditions per Harmon was that he was filmed on a separate stage away from most of the cast and crew.

This is a story that we’ll keep watch on for a while. It may not end up materializing into anything, but if there is one thing that we know about the entertainment industry these days, it is that almost everyone salivates all over this franchise.

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