‘Girls’ season 3, episode 1 video: Shoshanna gloats, Marnie groans

The latest -On Sunday night’s premiere of “Girls” season 3, we are going to see most of the stars of the show in a very different place then when we last saw them. While some of the characters are happy, some of them are also going to be spending a little bit of time wallowing in their own misery.

Who is #1 on that list? Marnie, who seems to be very intent (in the sneak peek below) on trying to get a grasp on why Charlie left her again. Clearly, the show is taking Christopher Abbott’s departure head-on, and she is intent on now saying what Adam refers to as the “saddest” stuff that he has ever heard in his life.

Speaking of really sad things, isn’t it fair to say that Adam does not exactly sound like he is dancing in a flower bed, either? In the video peek, we instead see him reply somewhat sheepishly when Hannah prods him over whether or not he thinks that Shoshanna’s new strategy of alternating sexual freedom with her studies is a good idea. (This just in: Shoshanna has figured out a way to be even more annoying!)

All in all, we cannot really say that this is the sort of sneak peek that we would have wanted for the premiere, mostly because the scene does nothing more than hand out just a few jokes, and tells us a bunch of stuff that we already know. We like “Girls” when it takes a risk, and we’ll be much more interested when that happens.

What do you think about this video, and who do you think is the more miserable of the two people: Adam, or Marnie? Share your thoughts below, and click here if you want to watch another video featuring Lena Dunham on “Good Morning America.” Also, sign up if you want to get some weekly CarterMatt TV updates via our newsletter; we have a feeling that it may make you significantly happier than Marnie is in this clip.

Photo: HBO, video via SpoilerTV

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