‘American Idol XIII’: See Ryan Seacrest get a pie in the face on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ (video)

Seacrest -There are still very few things as entertaining as watching someone get a pie in the face … especially when one of those said people is Ryan Seacrest. Considering that the man probably sleeps in a bed made out of money at this point, it only feels appropriate that he would occasionally have to take a pie in the face here and there.

Well if we are being literal about it, then we would say that Seacrest (who actually looks somewhat like a glossy alien in the attached photo) actually gets a pie in the forehead while going back and forth with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week in a classic game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors, Pie.” It’s all entirely predictable since you know that eventually, both people are going to be getting a pie in their direction. But even still, it’s funny stuff since both people seem to be so into it.

What continues to amaze us more than ever is how Fallon somehow convinces famous people to not only go on his show, but then do something that could be incredibly embarrassing to them. We cannot really see this as the sort of thing that everyone would be traditionally game to do to themselves, but most of these people by and large don’t appear to have a problem with it.

Then again, Ryan is so busy that he probably forgot this happened the moment the pie landed on the floor. The mega-host will start airing new “American Idol” episodes next week, and he also has all of his producing ventures and his radio show to go along with it. He’s also been active doing some work here and there for NBC. While he had a big role in the London Olympic Games coverage back in 2012, we don’t expect the same presence from him in Sochi, Russia.

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Photo: Fox

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