‘American Horror Story: Coven’ episode 11 preview: Fiona on a warpath

Lange -Are you still tuning in to the mess that is “American Horror Story: Coven“? Even if the show constantly feels like a subway that you hope remembers to stop at your station, there are some exciting moments and good performances. It’d just be nice if things made a little bit more sense and that some of the smaller stories had meaning. (Warning: spoilers ahead)

For now, though, we’ll save our commentary on the show seemingly killing off Misty and Nan (since these sort of things never stick) for the time being, and try to just figure out what is going to be going on next week. Is it now to be assumed that the next Supreme really is going to be either Zoe or Madison? We’re starting to run out of other living choices, and even one of them is already walking around as an undead person (as is most of the characters at this point). Regardless of who it is, though, Fiona and Marie are actually on the same page when it comes to the news that the two of them need to be taken out by any means necessary.

The one thing that we feel pretty sure of at this point is that more heads are going to roll. That’s been one of the only constants on the show so far! There are only three episodes left this season, and the general feeling here has to be that things are only going to get uglier. (Hopefully, at some point along the way they will also develop a sense of clarity.)

What do you think is going to happen from here, and do you even have an understanding at this point about what is actually going on with this show? Share some of your thoughts below, and click here if you’re interested in signing up to get some occasionally-spooky updates from us via our CarterMatt TV newsletter.

Photo: FX, video via SpoilerTV

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