‘The Bachelor’: Lauren Higginson says producers manipulated Juan Pablo Galavis discussions

Lauren -Should you feel bad for Lauren Higginson after “The Bachelor” Monday night? If you go by what the producers did to her, then you have to believe that this is what they probably wanted you to feel. However, it is pretty fair to say right now that Lauren does not exactly feel the same way. This is someone who didn’t want to come off so sad, and that is still what the editors chose to show.

First of all, Lauren does admit to E! News that when it comes to the emotion of the moment when she was talking about trying to get over a past engagement, everything that was showed on TV were emotions that she was feeling in that house on that night; but, there were some things missing here and there that would have changed the way you thought about them:

“There were tears, those were real. The words that came out of my mouth were real, but in terms of the order or the context absolutely not. But most importantly I’m sitting there crying like, ‘I have really good energy,’ and I’m looking at that going, ‘Good lord, I really do have good energy. Lock it up woman!'”

Specifically, Lauren says that producers (shocker!) took out most of Juan Pablo Galavis’ dialogue during her breakdown, which made it look like she was just talking endlessly and looking extremely desperate for something or someone to cling to:

“The talk with [Juan Pablo] I actually had to leave the room, because it was painful. First off, [producers] took out all [Juan Pablo’s] dialog, seriously I did have an actual conversation [with Juan Pablo] so it just had me talking. So of course I looked like an idiot. The dramatic part I was ready for—I did that—but I did not like looking ignorant. So that bugged me more than anything. I can have a conversation, good lord!”

Since Lauren says that she doesn’t want sympathy for her breakdown, we’ll go ahead and not give her any … mostly because she knew in going on the show that anything could happen to her when it comes to edit or otherwise. But with that being said, it was pretty awful that she had to go out like that. If you are eliminated the first night, it’s almost better if you just flutter off like a leaf in the wind somewhere else. It’s very hard to get a strong edit and then be sent home right away.

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Photo: ABC

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