NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5, episode 3 preview: Alison Brie plays Annie the detective

Annie -Thursday night’s “Community” episode is not going to be the first time that you have an opportunity to see Annie Edison put on the detective’s cap and look to solve some sort of crime at Greendale; but, it may be the first chance that you’ve had to see her do so with the power of some of the teachers at her side.

Based on what we’ve seen in the promotional material already, the theme for this episode is about a “bandit” who is really best known for dropping a certain type of coin into a certain type of “crack” found on a human body. The thought of that alone should be pretty disgusting, and this is one of the few times that something often thought of as locker-room humor was put front and center for an episode of a show.

Maybe some of the humor comes in the way that all of the characters are taking this so seriously. In the video below (via The Hollywood Reporter), you have a chance to see Annie defiantly demand that Jeff try to do something away from Professor Hickey’s plan, and support her. As we have learned over time, Annie can be pretty persuasive, and thanks to that, Jeff does eventually give in and tells her that he will lend a helping hand.

As for how valuable that is going to be, that remains to be seen given that we are dealing with dark forces here … ones potentially out to destroy what little order there is left in the community college. When you really think about it for a minute, the goal for season 5 from the standpoint of Jeff seems to be to try and prove that there is still a soul to Greendale, and that many of these students still have a cause to fight for and to believe in. In other words, the teachers have to actually care.

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Photo: NBC

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