‘Teen Wolf’ howls its way to new heights with season 3B premiere

Clearly, there was no reason to be worried about “Teen Wolf” airing in the winter against some different competition on the air.

Perhaps buoyed by a winter vortex, which understandably forced people indoors and potentially caused them to be very bored in certain parts of the country, the Tyler Posey series returned on Monday night with some great ratings for the season 3B premiere. Overall, the show drew a series high 2.5 million viewers, and also a rating of 0.9 in the 18-49 demographic. This itself was not a record, but it does  show that young people are consistency catching a series that was a pretty massive risk for MTV at the time that they first put it on the air.

One of the other major benefits that comes from this news is that it eases network executives about what is one of the biggest concerns anytime you have a show like this: You worry that your viewers are going to start to get a little older, and then start to move on to other things. These ratings prove that while the audience is getting older, they aren’t leaving. One of the reasons why they may be able to pull this off is because the show is getting older, as well. Do they need to move away from high school? Definitely, since none of these people look like high schoolers anymore. But we’ll just take this one step at a time for now, and hope for fans’ sake that the ratings stay high when “The Blacklist” returns on NBC next week, since that is one of the strongest competitors out there. (Then again, “Teen Wolf” did well even against the BCS National Championship Game.)

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