‘NCIS’ season 11, episode 13 preview: Could this be the biggest Sean Murray episode yet?

More news -What happened on tonight’s “NCIS” episode was clearly one of the biggest shockers of the entire season, as Benham Parsa started to wreck havoc all across the Washington DC area. The bombing at the gala meant that a close tie to the NCIS family could be fighting for her life, and we are going to see McGee struggle with the fact that he may lose his girlfriend Delilah. The only reason that he was not harmed further is almost by pure luck.

This episode is the second part in what is supposed to be a three-episode arc about Parsa, and the title is “Double Back.” Want to read more? Then just take a look at the full synopsis below:

“In an effort to find the terrorist Parsa, Gibbs and the NCIS team track down one of his cohorts using evidence from the drone attack. Meanwhile, an emotionally shaken McGee struggles with the ramifications of the incident.”

Almost regardless of what happens to McGee, it is getting pretty easy now to tell that this is going to be a very emotional episode for the character and may give Sean Murray some of the best material that he has had for quite a long time. Also, it is going to be one with potentially a ton of action to it as the team take their hunt for this terrorist to the next level. The last we saw of Bishop, she was scrambling to try to put together some of the pieces at the last second.

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Photo: CBS

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