‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 4, episode 14 review: Are Hanna and Caleb no more?

“Pretty Little Liars” is back with all-new episodes, and this meant an opportunity to fully dive in and embrace the craziness yet again.

So what happened over the course of this hour? Let’s just say that we met a whole chorus of new people, saw Ezra in a new light thanks to the reveal that he was “A,” and also witnessed what was one heck of a quagmire when it comes to Hanna and Caleb. He had some unfinished business in Ravenswood, but the problem is that he was not really able to tell her much of anything as to what in the world was going on there. That is frustrating … and we get it, given that we did basically watch Caleb be all enigmatic and take the martyr approach with her. Are these two done? It seems like they could be.

Away from this relationship, the investigation to figure out who was buried in Ali’s casket took a turn, as we started to see whether or not a different young woman who died under similar circumstances could have been the victim. Unfortunately, they really did not learn anything about this “Jane Doe” outside of some more red herrings.

Meanwhile, Ezra showed Aria a new place that could very well be a lair of sorts for him, and these two continue to dance around the subject of whether or not they could be together again down the road. We are really just trying to get to the major point here in that other than the Hanna and Caleb story, we would have liked to see more actually happen in this episode. Instead, we had some conversations about taking down Radley and figuring out if Toby’s mom really killed herself, not really enough when it comes to answers. Grade: B-.

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