‘NCIS’ season 11, episode 12 review: McGee in a tux, the hunt for Parsa continues

NCIS -After a little bit of a break thanks to the holidays, “NCIS” season 11 returned on Tuesday night with “Kill Chain,” an episode that had quite a bit of stuff going on. Not only was there a gala that McGee had to deal with (which is not exactly his scene, to use the hip lingo), but there was also the return of the hunt for Parsa, the primary villain for this season, and some more relationship stuff when it comes to Gibbs and Hollis Mann.

Hollis was tied very closely into an investigation involving Parsa, which was a heck of a strong story to get the second part of the season going. We like it when “NCIS” goes slightly more serialized, especially with a new component in here in Bishop. The problem early on was that the show was trying to balance Bishop’s arrival with Ziva’s departure, and that led to neither really getting their due.

This investigation basically led to a dramatic scene where it looked like there was a traitor in the ranks, and Bishop and Tony had to figure out just who was the person who helped to give Parsa a green light. (More on this in a minute.)

When it comes to the McGee story, the tough part of it for him was that his relationship with Delilah was quickly hitting the rocks … and for a pretty good reason. After all, he did not want to actually go to her gala, and tried to use work and not having a tuxedo as an excuse to squirm his way out of it. It took a pep talk from Abby to help convince him to go, and to an extent that worked.

But what really made all of these stories come together was the big reveal that the same gala McGee was attending could have been the same place that Parsa was looking to attack. It made sense when you think about it, but it was too late for some. The status of Delilah is unclear after she was hospitalized with injuries; as for Gibbs, let’s just say that he is more than angry that Parsa got away.

While we haven’t quite hit the emotional peak of this story just yet, the best and strangest moment of the episode was that closing tableau, when it started to look like Bishop was crumbling as an assortment of files were thrown around the floor, while Gibbs barked orders to her. Then, the “to be continued,” as we wait for the manhunt to continue. Grade: B+.

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