‘Under the Dome’ season 2 spoilers: Ready to meet some new characters?

This is something that is probably going to surprise a good many of you, mostly because of what it represents: An opportunity to actually get to see some new characters on “Under the Dome” season 2. How in the world is this really possible? It’s the same thing as “Lost” bringing in some new survivors that were on the plane, since you are dealing with a pretty limited number of people who really could be present here in the first place.

But regardless of what you think about the possibility of there being some new characters gracing a world that is already (as mentioned in the TITLE) under a dome, it is still happening. According to a report from TVLine,  the following people are all being cast to play roles in the upcoming second season in some shape or form:

1. Sam – He could be described as kind of a gruff guy who is a loner, but he may also apparently be thought of as a dude who loves alcohol a little too much, and who also lives in the woods.

2.  Rebecca – A woman in her thirties who is a teacher, and Big Jim is going to have some interactions with. Unfortunately, what we know already about Jim is that the vast majority of times, his intentions are not exactly good.

3, A new character in Chester’s Mill? – It’s hard to imagine how this is happening, but it is. There is a new woman joining the universe, and they will interact with both Joe and Norrie.

The premiere of “Under the Dome” is still a little while away, so you are going to have some time to wait and see what is going to happen on the show … and who they cast in these roles.

What do you think in theory about some of these people? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

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