‘Sherlock’ season 3: Holmes’ new ‘photo album’ provides more looks at Watson’s wedding

Sherlock season 3Earlier this week on “Sherlock” season 3, viewers in the United Kingdom got to bear witness to what was mostly a joyous event: The wedding for John Watson and Mary. So why not reminisce a little about it already?

While we did have some issues with the lack of a serious case or a real rival for Holmes to take on, the wedding is one of the things that we really enjoyed from the episode (also Sherlock’s bachelor party for Watson). The BBC adds that there are some never-before-seen images from “The Sign of Three” in there, and while this may not be the most shocking story on the series that we have had this month, it is a little more evidence of the effort that the network and the producers have put into creating a series this year that people are really going to love and talk about for years to come. Given how long a wait we had this time between seasons, that may be a good thing.

For those who are desperately still clinging to hope that there will be some sort of epic battle involving Holmes still this season, have no fear! The new episode airing on Sunday is going to feature Lars Mikkelsen as the next major villain to enter the “Sherlock” universe in Charles Augustus Magnussen. This could prove to be one of the biggest tests to date to see if Sherlock still has “it” after spending so much time away from Britain after faking his death. That, after all, has been an underlying question perhaps ever since the season 2 finale first came on the air: Is Holmes ever going to be the same again?

“Sherlock” is still killing it in Britain so far as the ratings are concerned. “The Sign of Three” pulled in an impressive 8.8 million viewers. While that is down 500,000 from the total who watched the premiere on New Year’s Day, it did have the luxury of two years of hype as well as airing on a holiday where traditionally, nobody has anything to do.

Photo: BBC One

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