ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6 spoilers: First photo of James Brolin with Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion

Castle -James Brolin, in case you have not heard, is going to be appearing on the new episode of “Castle” airing early next week as Jackson Hunt … but is there going to be a twist to what you would expect from him?

The first thing that should come as a surprise is that for at least a little while in “Deep Cover,” Beckett may not be fully clued in as to just who this man is, or what he is fully capable of. The best way that we can really sum this up at the moment is “bad news,” since the longer that the secret is kept, the more devastated / angry she is going to be down the road.

Castle -Just as importantly as that, though, Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion’s characters have to figure out why in the world Jackson Hunt is in New York City, and why he is involved in an investigation that causes their paths to cross. Expect a darker twist on the character this time around, especially since there are going to be reasons why this man has not exactly kept up appearances with the Castle family over the years. It is also currently slated to be the only one featuring him for now, so whatever does happen here is probably going to be tied together at some point before the end of the hour. If Brolin does return in the future, it will probably be for something at least somewhat separate.

The only other hint that we can give here as to things to come? Beckett is not going to be the only character beyond Castle this week who spends some time with Jackson. There are some other people involved who may have emotional reactions just as strong.

What do you think about these photos, and do you think that Brolin’s appearance this time will have any long-lasting repercussions? Sound off in the comments! Also, click here to watch the promo for this episode, or here if you want to have some story scoops set to your email every Sunday.

Photo: ABC

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