‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ season 4, episode 10 review: Is Lisa, Yolanda tired of Brandi?

It's here -This season of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” has been a complete and utter downer. Brandi Glanville, who admittedly had been one of our favorite cast members over the past few seasons, has gone from being fun loving with a sharp tongue to just a mean girl. We get that she was upset with Joyce at the beginning ofthe season for putting her on blast with Lisa, but this has gone on for too long. We are over it.

This week we pick up at Lisa’s dinner party where Joyce and her husband Michael are no longer putting up with Brandi’s rude comments and are fighting back. When things don’t seem to be going her way, Brandi breaks down, cries, and blames her recent negative attitude on the loss of her dog, but Joyce is quick to point out that Brandi hadn’t lost her dog when she was calling Joyce “Jacqueline” and referring to her name as a “big fat pig”. What was crazy was to see the others at the table continue to defend Brandi’s actions and then coddle her as she left in a huff.

The next day Yolanda tries to talk to Brandi about how she is communicating with Joyce and what happened at Lisa’s dinner, and although Brandi admits that she may not always say the nicest things that it is the way that she communicates. Yolanda tries to get her to think beyond lashing out at people and learn a different way of communicating, but she doesn’t seem to be listening. Guess we’ll have to wait and see if any of this sinks in.

While speaking to Ken, Lisa reveals that while she didn’t agree with everything that Joyce said, she feels that Brandi has crossed the line on more then one occasion. Ken is of the opinion that Michael shouldn’t have stood up for his wife and that it was his involvement that made Brandi go off the deep end. We disagree (and so did Lisa) and would fully expect our partner to jump in and defend in that type of situation, especially since everyone else at the table was defending Brandi… including Ken!

Lisa has tea alone with Joyce to talk about the Brandi situation, and continues to push the whole “Let’s give Brandi a break because she’s having a tough time” agenda, but at this point Joyce has had enough.

Are Lisa and Yolanda finally waking up to the fact that their “dream team” has a bad player? At the very least they seem to realize that Brandi is a sinking ship and are trying to help her before it’s too late. We are starting to think (and there is no confirmation of this, just our opinion) that this may be Brandi’s last year as part of the cast. The show has taken a really negative turn this year thanks to her antics and the Bravo franchise normally likes to focus on fluffy drama and rich people doing decadent things. This has not been that kind of season. Grade: C-

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