‘Teen Wolf’ season 3, episode 13 review: What happened to Peter and Derek?

“Teen Wolf” season 3 had quite a bit of ground to cover just within the span of an hour (including commercials) on Monday night, but they really managed to pull off just about everything that we could have hoped for. While “Anchors” was not a perfect episode in some ways (mostly because we still don’t care for most of the show’s adults), it did set the stage for some interesting stuff, and a story that feels like it has grown up significantly from the constant fighting that we saw in the summer.

The biggest news that we got from this story is that, Allison, Scott, and Stiles are all basically fighting something known as Bardo, a state that is almost between life and death. Kira, who revealed this truth to them, carries with her a certain connection to the world of Tibetan mythology and supernatural history, which is going to be very interesting to watch play out over the course of the rest of the season.

We do want to give some specific credit here to Dylan O’Brien, mostly because we feel like people tend to just scoff at the thought of any show on MTV … and that’s unfair. He does a great job in this episode, and we have a feeling that he (to cite the title for a minute) is going to be quite the anchor for the rest of the season. This excites us very much.

What has us worried is the mystery at the very end of the episode, which featured both Peter and Derek seemingly being tortured by something unknown. Even though Peter may be back and interested in infusing all sorts of evil across Beacon Hills, the surprise here is that there is something out there much worse than him. Grade: B

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