ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 6, episode 11 preview: What to expect from Seamus Dever, ‘Under Fire’

Ryan -Is “Under Fire” a big episode of “Castle“? You better believe it; as a matter of fact, it may be one of the biggest of the season. It may also be one of the best showcases for Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas that they’ve had on the show. Without giving away anything significant, it’s an emotional episode that really shows the strength of their friendship, along with a little bit of what makes them great detectives in the first place.

Now that we are back to having new episodes we can also bring back another feature: Six things that you should expect to see coming up on the episode. None of this stuff is going to be too spoilery, so there is plenty that you will still have to be excited about.

1. As you have probably heard many times already, the birth of Ryan and Jenny’s child is coming. But is it a boy or a girl, and will Ryan be there to see it?

2. There is a mention of Castle and Beckett’s wedding in here, but this story is being saved more for down the road.

3. The case regarding an arsonist hits close to home, since a good portion of the episode is spent trying to see if Ryan and Esposito can make it out of a burning building alive. Huertas and Dever are given their best material of the season, and they do a ton with it. This is the sort of stuff that will make you wish for more stories all about them.

4. When it comes specifically to Jenny, you see her devotion to her husband in a big way, just as you in turn see his devotion to her.

5. The funniest moments in the hour come in the first third of it.

6. Most of the story is tied together during this hour, but there are at least one or two little developments in it that will carry over for the rest of the season.

You can see a video preview for “Under Fire” at the link here, and we will be around later with our full review of everything that transpired. Also, rush over here if you’re interested in signing up to get some more TV updates straight from us at CarterMatt.

Photo: ABC

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