‘The Crazy Ones’ spoilers: What happens when a flu strikes?

This past Thursday, “The Crazy Ones” returned to CBS with the first of all-new episodes, including a pretty funny one where we got to see what happens when a video game starts to slowly turn into an addiction.

But on the new episode airing Thursday night, a very different sort of outbreak is going to spread through out the firm … as in an actual outbreak. Sickness spreads, and like so many other aggressive people in the corporate world, most everyone still decides to come in to work and act as though nothing ever happened in the first place. (Why do sick people insist in coming into work?) Over time, everyone will be locked away in a slightly-more-grounded version than a similar episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” where we saw most of the gang quarantined.

If you want to see a few more official details coming in now via CBS, all you have to do is read the synopsis below:

“Simon gives Lauren a chance to work with a big client facing a PR disaster when the rest of the office comes down with the flu.”

Now, will Lauren be able to succeed with this plan? That is one of the big stories that we are going to see unfold from here. She will get a test like no other, and what we really hope for above all else is that it’s funny. We already know that the outbreak below is going to produce some great one-liners, including one proclamation that someone was not born to be alone. (Want to know who it is? Just watch below!)

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