‘Sherlock’ season 3, episode 2 review: Sherlock steps up as Watson’s Best Man

SherlockThe premiere of “Sherlock” season 3 set up the rest of the upcoming episodes perfectly. We heard a few different versions on how Sherlock faked his death, we met Watson’s future wife Mary, and we saw John finally get past his anger over what Sherlock did to him over the past few years and is ready to move forward. So will Sherlock and Watson be as close as they once were or will this “faked death” always be an albatross in their friendship? (Americans be warned: There are spoilers ahead).

It’s John and Mary’s wedding day and Sherlock is stressing over being the best man. The wedding ceremony goes off without any issue, and we learn from the reception line that Sherlock met with the ushers, the ring bearer and so forth before the ceremony to make sure everyone’s on their best behavior.

Sherlock’s best man speech was just as awkward as you expected it…. just as awkward as John trying to ask Sherlock to be his best man in the first place. It was a nice moment to see John express to Sherlock that he is his best friend and what that means to Sherlock. The speech went from awkward to bad as he started to insult everyone from John, to Mary, to the family, to the bridesmaids, but he was able to turn it around in the end focusing on his friendship with John and what that friendship means to him. In the end it was exactly that best man speech we expected from Sherlock, with a murder to solve and everything.

What we really love about Mary is that she isn’t trying to take John from Sherlock and that she is actually pushing them to work on another case together before the wedding to show both John and Sherlock that their friendship won’t end just because they’re getting married.

The best part of this episode hands down was the bachelor party – Sherlock takes John on a pub crawl of all the places that they found a dead body. Every place they go, Sherlock makes them drink a beer out of a dirty beaker, but the highlight of the bachelor party was seeing Sherlock and John playing a drinking game involving more booze, post it notes and fun.

Instead of having a larger case each episode this season we have seen a lot of smaller cases have been integrated into the story of Sherlock and Watson’s story of their friendship. (Watching a drunk Sherlock try to solve a case was thoroughly entertaining). We also loved seeing the brief cameo from Irene Adler and are hoping for more of her and Sherlock in the finale. We aren’t exactly crazy about the reveal of Mary’s pregnancy at the end of the episode since babies really change the story (many times in a negative way) and we were hoping that after all of this wedding hoopla was over that we would see John and Sherlock working on larger cases together again. Once a baby is involved, John will be less likely to put himself in danger anymore. Grade: B+

Are you happy with the addition of Mary into the cast and into John’s life? Leave us a comment below and tell us if you think this season of “Sherlock” was worth the two year wait. If you are looking for more news on “Sherlock” (including a preview for the season finale) just click here and if you want more TV updates sent to your email box every Sunday, just be sure to subscribe to our CarterMatt newsletter.

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