‘True Detective’ video: Another sign of things to come from new HBO series

HBO logoClearly, HBO now has some other plans for “True Detective” beyond it being just a limited series. Originally, it was somewhat ambiguous as to whether or not the network was going to bill this Matthew McConaughey – Woody Harrelson drama s a limited series or something greater, but as you see in the video below, there is a pretty major clue about just what they would like it to be: Something that sticks around for a while.

Specifically, we’re talking about the words “Season 1” in the title, an implication that there would be other seasons if the ratings are decent (or in this case, if there is great awards chatter, word of mouth, and a good subscriber count). Can you really be surprised that they would like it to last? Certainly not. Anytime that you have the two names mentioned above, especially when Matthew in particular is coming off of a huge success in “Dallas Buyers Club,” they would like to keep him around if at all possible. Meanwhile, Harrelson is awesome in just about anything.

Early buzz is great on the show, which spans many years along with an investigation into some very terrible crimes committed in Louisiana. Even the name of the show itself hints at some of the dark themes that are going to be explored here, in between what it means to be loyal, what it means to be a real detective, and how easy it can be in a profession where upholding the law is paramount that you can be lured over to the dark side.

“True Detective” premieres on HBO a week from Sunday on January 12, where it will be followed by the one-hour premiere of “Girls” season 3.

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Photo: HBO

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