NBC’s ‘Community’ season 5: See Joel McHale, Dan Hamron, more premiere talk

The latest -Just in case “Community’s” premiere episode this week was not awesome enough, we now have something else that really makes it feel like icing on the top of the already-amazing cake: A new video below, which helps to detail some of what is going to be coming your way, and also some of what transpired during “Repilot.” It looks like there is going to be one of these “Between the Takes” videos for every episode that comes out, which is great since they also contain new footage and bloopers.

The highlight to us is seeing why Dean Pelton was stripping down at the moment that Jeff walked in on him, and that was thanks to an outfit that he was wearing. We do understand why it was cut, since it now looks like the Dean may have just been doing this time and time again in hopes that Jeff walked in on him, but it was funny even in its other form.

There is also video proof in here that you are going to see way more of John Oliver on the show this year, even if he was not in either the premiere or the second episode of the season. Oliver’s work filling in for Jon Stewart and the immediate aftermath likely kept him from coming back right away, but given that Ian Duncan is one of the hearts and souls of the show’s early days, it’ll be a joy to see more of him. Plus, that may help more to alleviate the pain that you are going to feel when Troy leaves in three episodes. (It’s crazy to think that it really is that close.) We’re at least pleased to see with this that even though Donald Glover is leaving, he does at least seem to be enjoying some of his last time on set.

While the surprise Chevy Chase cameo is not mentioned in the video, you can read more about the complicated way that it came together here. Also, for more scoop from Greendale and beyond (and by beyond, we mean other shows), you can also sign up for our CarterMatt official newsletter at this link.

Photo: NBC

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