‘Sherlock’ season 3, episode 2 spoilers: Benedict Cumberback on Holmes’ love life

Sherlock season 3On Sunday night’s episode of “Sherlock” (at least for those in the UK), we are going to see John Watson marry the love of his life in Mary. So is the romance bug going to turn around and bite Sherlock Holmes as well? You can certainly question whether or not this is a man fully capable of romance, but that may be a different debate for a different day. Instead, the question in this instance is whether or not it will happen before season 3 ends.

Speaking to Entertainmentwise, Benedict Cumberbatch himself has ruled out the opportunity of any woman solving the mystery that is his heart this year when asked whether or not there will be a full-fledged romance:

“No … [But] there might be something in the arena of proximity, who knows?”

Away from the subject specifically of romance, Cumberbatch was keen to dish a few little scoops about just what the feeling was like to jump back in and play this famed character again, not to mention how the two years away from London have changed Holmes in some capacity:

“The third season for some reason was a lot easier to slip back into. That’s also a strength of the writing team and where they are taking it with the characters. He’s been away for two years and I think he’s rusty. He’s rusty about human relationships especially with his best friend and with London and I think it takes a bit of time for him to get back into his game.

“You find out a whole lot more about why he is the way he is. There’s more of a back story. It’s really interesting to try and understand how he came about being the way he is in the 21st century.”

If you are a UK viewer, then we imagine that one of the most difficult parts of this is going to be wrestling with the thought that in the matter of just over 24 hours from the time that we are writing this, the new season will be 90 minutes away from being over. Then, you will have to sit around and wait again for some horrendously long span of time for another season. While we know all parties involved want to do more, nothing is official just yet.

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