‘The Mentalist’ season 6, episode 11 preview: A Simon Baker scene that will have the internet talking

“The Mentalist” season 6 has had its fair share of twists and turns already, especially when it comes to the barely-discussed-on-the-show-but-still-there subject of Patrick Jane’s private life. When the Red John cased was closed, there was potential for a whole new world to open up for the man.

For the fans, the choice for Simon Baker’s character is clear: Lisbon, and no substitutes. It’s been six years already, and they are probably a little more impatient thanks to fans of some TV “will they or won’t they?” couples who are a little earlier into their journey. Unfortunately, the problem for “Jisbon” fans is that as sly as Jane may be, he’s not exactly a mastermind when it comes to dating just yet. He’s like a baby bird learning to fly again.

There is a certain amount of humor to the sneak peek below from Sunday’s “White Lines” (posted first by TVLine), especially in comparison to that one CBS shared earlier this week that was almost nothing. This one actually features Jane asking a mysterious woman out on a date who is connected to a case, and even doing so in front of Kim Fischer, the woman that pretended to be interested in him to lure him to the FBI in the first place. In some ways, that is a pretty awkward situation … but it blends pretty well, since it throws Kim completely off.

Those of you who are freaking out about Jane being with someone other than Lisbon are probably doing so a little prematurely, since you are making the assumption that this isn’t all some part of a master plan by Jane, and that he will actually end up with this woman. If either of these things happen, we will be massively shocked. After all of the buildup, the folks behind the scenes at “The Mentalist” would be crazy to ignore Jane and Lisbon forever … or even for the rest of this season.

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