‘Person of Interest’ season 3 spoilers: Michael Emerson on Root’s many warnings

The latest -Is something big coming on “Person of Interest“? If you believe Root, then you have to think that there is potentially a big moment coming up at some point this season. Amy Acker’s character has hinted at it time and time again, though there has not been any indication as to just what the rest of the characters are thinking or feeling about it.

Nonetheless, we do now at least have an indication from a certain Michael Emerson that this is something that is being taken under consideration. Speaking to TVLine, the man behind Mr. Finch explains that Root’s connection to the Machine is what separates her from the others, and also what may make her someone that is really worth listening to:

“She’s a confidante in the Machine in a way that no one else is, so I’m sure Mr Finch lays awake at night wondering what the heck she meant … Mr. Finch is warming to her, a bit. She’s proven certain things, and it’s not all bad. But it’s all crazy.’

There is another bit of evidence out there that Root’s warnings are justified, and that is coming courtesy of the official synopsis suggesting that there is something potentially catastrophic that is going to happen during the new episode of the show airing on Tuesday night. We don’t think that both a character and a network synopsis would lie to us, though it is also possible that we could be wrong.

This is a show that has already proven that it has no problem with making big moves, and not even waiting until the end of the season to pull them off. After all, we already saw the death of Taraji P. Henson’s Agent Carter, and there could be some more surprising and potentially-horrifying moments on the way moving forward.

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Photo: CBS

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