‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Victoria Lima

Victoria Lima -We have finally made it, “Bachelor” fans, to the end of our cast spotlight series. This has been a long journey getting to find out details about 27 different contestants, and it’s especially tricky since we know that within a span of a few days now, a good many of these people will be gone.

But at least we are signing off on the series with someone in Victoria Lima who is definitely a little bit interesting. She, like Juan Pablo Galavis, has a major connection to South America in that she is considers Porto Alegre, Brazil to be her hometown. Then again, comparing Brazil to Venezuela would be like saying that someone from Arizona automatically has a lot in common with someone from Quebec. Being from the same continent is hardly a common bond, even if you are the only two that have that common ground of the group. (Plus, Juan Pablo was actually born in New York in the first place.)

Victoria -

Possible pros – Outside of her heritage, what Victoria has that will probably appeal to Juan Pablo is that she is fun-loving, independent, and she is doing a good job of leading him in. She also seems to have a certain strategy of being “mysterious” in mind, which may help to an extent. Guys on this show don’t often go for the person that throws themselves at them; the same goes for when it is “The Bachelorette.” Why do you want to bet Desiree Hartsock was so fascinated with Brooks Forester?

Possible cons – Here is the problem with being “mysterious”: It is hard to really know anything about Victoria, save for that she likes adventure and cats. You cannot really get a read on her, and unless she gives Juan Pablo a little more than she is giving us here, he may be frustrated enough with her to send her home around the midway point in the competition. Plus, we’ve seen in some preview footage that she is someone who likes to have fun … perhaps a little too much fun.

Pre-show outlook – It’s not looking that great for Victoria long-term, mostly because we are going off of the feeling that Bachelors rarely ever pick someone who you would expect. It’s like Jake Pavelka now picking the other pilot, or Ashley Hebert picking someone in the dental business. It’s silly to think that being from South America helps her in any way, and it may actually be a crutch that doesn’t allow for deep conversation early.

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Photo: ABC

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