‘Agents of SHIELD’ spoilers: Watch the first two minutes of episode 11 now!

ABC is clearly feeling pretty confident that they have a good hook for the next new episode of “Agents of SHIELD.” After all, why else would they release the first two minutes of it online early?

The theme of the episode at the moment is “where in the world is Coulson?”, which seems to be very different than trying to find out where in the world is Carmen Sandiego. He’s out there somewhere after being kidnapped in the midseason finale, and a greater part of the SHIELD organization is going to get involved here than usual. There will be a lot manpower put into the search, and the question that the team has to ask themselves is even when they do find him, is he going to be the same guy that they remember? He’s shown to be more than resilient, but that doesn’t make him bulletproof.

In reality, ABC realizes at this point that they need to do something to get the word out again about this show. It is not a cheap one to make by any means, and the ratings have dropped significantly since the series premiere. Maybe these two minutes will be enough for some to realize, along with word of mouth, that the show has improved since early on, and that could be enough to get the numbers back up slightly during what is a pretty listless time of the year when the last thing anyone wants to do is go out when it’s freezing cold. (With all of this being said, we still haven’t heard anything about the show being in danger of cancellation.)

Have you been enjoying “Agents of SHIELD” so far, and are you hopeful that the team will find Coulson? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

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