Seth Meyers hints at end of ‘Saturday Night Live,’ still planning parts of new ‘Late Night’

More news -With “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” starting up on NBC next month, it is understandable that it is dominating much of the internet when it comes to buzz. Unfortunately, those doing that are forgetting about what could be an equally great show in “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” which will be starting up at the same time that Jimmy makes his transition.

So what is there to know right now about the new host of the overnight show? Speaking to Time Magazine as a part of its new cover story, Meyers said that he is still “commuting” between his “Saturday Night Live” office and that of his new show, since he has at least two more editions of the late-night franchise to do. He also does not know yet if he is going to have a live band or a DJ performing on his show, but that the studio for his series is literally going to be right above where the one for “The Tonight Show” stands.

We feel overall like Meyers is going to be a better host even than Fallon was in the early going. He’s more of a traditional comedian than a sketch performer like Jimmy, and as someone who has seen Seth perform live, we know that he’s extremely quick and really feeds well off of an audience. Plus, he’s got so many of the “interview wacky characters” skills down from his time working on “Weekend Update” all of these years. This could ultimately be one of those hires that really works to bring “Late Night” to a new level, and convinces some of those who loved him on “SNL” to come over and try him here.

Do you think that Meyers will do a good job, or are you more of the mindset that this is a risk that was really not needed right now? Let us know your thoughts, either way, with a comment below. Also, be sure to click here if you are curious to get some great updates on everything TV, “SNL” or otherwise, straight to your inbox.

Photo: NBC

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