‘Two and a Half Men’ season 11, episode 11 review: ‘Blurred Lines,’ and Oddette Annable

“Two and a Half Men” always seems to take some of their better risks around the midway point of their seasons, when they try to tell a story that is somewhat more evolved than the collection of fart and sex jokes that they tend to turn out come premiere and finale season. This is why we were left with an episode on Thursday night that had quite a few redeeming qualities to it, even if we did have to hear the words “Code Brown” come out of someone’s mouth.

The entire episode really reveled in silliness, primarily as Walden actually went to work briefly for Nicole (Odette Annable), his old employee who is actually working on a start-up company in a garage with Barry (Clark Duke), a nerdy guy who listens to “Blurred Lines” and is a total nerd stereotype. It was at least a new environment that reminded us that Walden does actually have a job, even if he is somewhat arrogant at it and believes he’s always right.

There was also a very interesting “That 70’s Show” vibe with this episode, as we also had that scene where Walden and Nicole got high, and then get really close to kissing. We actually liked the homage, even if it was a tad unoriginal.

We don’t believe that the relationship between Nicole and Walden is by any means over, just as we know already that the one between both Brooke and Jenny, who are struggling to open up with each other, also still has some life left in it. There were some great moments in here, and we like to think that they made it up for some of the stereotypes. Grade: B.

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