‘The Bachelor’ spoilers: Is Lauren Higginson the first woman to break down?

Lauren -Every season of “The Bachelor” without fail, there is at least one contestant who gets very emotional early on in the season, even sometimes on the very first night. Sometimes, alcohol is to blame; other times, it’s exhaustion, or trying to fit in when you are basically thrown into a house with 26 other women all trying to get some time to get to know one man.

So is Lauren Higginson going to be the first woman on this season to succumb to an emotional breakdown? Before we start to really comment on the sneak peek below (via TV Guide), let’s instead focus a little on the story. As we said in our contestant spotlight piece for her, Lauren is entering this competition coming out of a long-term relationship that even led to an engagement, and she is going to have immediate questions about if she can handle the massive pressure-cooker that is being a part of this show. Then, she is going to start to see some of the other women get some time with Juan Pablo Galavis, and it could cause her to start to feel the pressure that time is ticking away.

In a sense, we feel for Lauren, since it’s tough to put yourself out there let alone on TV. Then again, there are a ton of ways that you can put yourself out there that do not involve “The Bachelor,” and subjecting all of America to your personal life. This is the most vulnerable show out there, since you are allowing the camera to capture your every move and every emotion. We would’ve probably told someone after a broken engagement to go on some casual dates and ease your way back into things, and not throw yourself into the dating version of a Roman coliseum with extremely competitive women ready to claw your eyes out.

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Photo: ABC

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