‘Best Ink’ season 3, episode 4 review: Alayna battles a tough client

Best InkThere have been a few stand out people on this season of “Best Ink” that have rubbed other contestants the wrong way (we are looking at you May May and Izzi), but Amy wasn’t one that would be at the top of our list based on the editing. A few of the other contestants seem to feel that she is arrogant, and needs to be a little more humble, but lets be honest here… there are very few people in this competition that are humble.

The flash challenge this week took place at the Viper Room and there was a lot of product placement going on. Not only were they pushing the Viper Room but also some unknown band that we had to watch perform (and so did the artists) to get inspiration to then create cover art for their single. Our problem still remains that these flash challenges don’t actually focus on a tattooing skill like “Ink Master” (ie line work, or precision etc.). After creating covers for the band’s single, Darnell and Willy were in the top two and although Darnell won, Willy has been in the top for the past few weeks and is someone to watch out for.

The elimination challenge focused on new school art and to make it more of a challenge it’s on the ribs. Joe hates Danny’s drawing, saying that it’s not new school enough for the challenge and it’s really hitting Danny hard. Then when he tries to re-design the tattoo to more of what the judges wants, his skin wants the original design back. Danny wants to give up and when the challenge starts, he’s not even in the studio, but after thinking about it he comes back in and gives the client the tattoo he wants, going against what Joe wants to see.

Alayna gets a skin that seems like a real tough girl, but she can’t handle the tattoo, walks off for breaks continuously and can’t finish the tattoo. Darnell is also having issues, but his are mechanical as he can’t get a connection to his foot pedal and since Alayna’s skin has left the building, she helps Darnell out.

At judging Darnell, Karly and Joe were top 3 and Darnell won. Personally we would’ve gone with Karly as her hot air balloon just popped. The bottom three were Danny, Amy and Alayna, but we feel that Alayna was a bad choice  because she didn’t have a choice with her skin walking out and she handled the situation like a professional. Also Alayna felt bad that she was chosen after helping Darnell win the challenge by lending him her equipment. In the end though it was Amy went home. Episode grade: C-

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Photo: Oxygen

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