‘Bones’ season 9 spoilers: First look at Charlie Worsham

Bones -Are you excited to see some new folks enter the world of “Bones” season 9? Even if they are just guest stars, a new face or two is always appreciated.

So who are we talking about now? It is the new character Colin Haynes, a country singer played real-life country singer Charlie Worsham. Given that the title of this January 17 episode is “Big in the Philippines” (a little bit of an alteration from the traditional “Bones” episode title, where there is an article like “a” or “the” at the start of things), it is probably fair to assume that this is a guy who had a surprise sort of international following.

Oh, and there is also another interesting twist that is going to come into play during all of this: This character is actually already dead. The entire mission is going to revolve around trying to figure out who in this young man’s life could have been responsible for killing him, and whether or not his career has been handled the right way. You didn’t need a show like “Nashville” for you to know that country music is a pretty terrible industry to get into if you are expecting success to come quickly … or even if you are expecting success at all. It’s extremely competitive, very exhausting, and the best thing that you can ever hope for is that you can have a couple of hits that people remember.

The last thing to note here, in case you have not heard, is that this episode is directed by none other than series star David Boreanaz. While we realize that this has no bearing at all on the actual story, it’s nice to realize just how big of a hand he had in it.

Are you excited to see what Worsham brings to the show, or just excited as a whole to see “Bones” return to the air on January 10? You can read the full synopsis for this one at the link here, and you can also solve the mystery as to where to get some more great TV scoop by signing up for our weekly newsletter.

Photo: Fox

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