‘The Walking Dead’ season 4: Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun featured in new teasers

Norman Reedus -The Walking Dead” is currently in the process of playing every single episode that it has produced over the course of fours seasons as a part of a massive AMC marathon, and as it turns out, this has also given us a few gifts when it comes to looking towards the future of the show. There are some short promos for the show’s February 9 return that played during commercial break, with the focus being on some of the individual characters that are now out there trying to fight for survival away from the prison. Even though The Governor may now be gone, so is the safety net.

Daryl and Beth – Norman Reedus fans, rejoice! We have a feeling that Daryl is going to have a lot to do in the second half of this season. We only wish that this video was longer so that there could be some more awesome things we could sink our teeth into, but we’ll just have to settle for now with the site of he and Emily Kinney’s character trying to figure out how to survive now in this new circumstance.

Glenn – Meanwhile, we feel nothing other than bad for Glenn. Not only is he away from the love of his life in Maggie, but he’s been dealing with an illness that nearly killed him. Now, it looks like he is waking up just a few feet away from becoming zombie chow. This is a guy who is not going to be catching a break anytime soon, and we just hope that he finds a way to make it through this and gets back to being the old Glenn soon. (But then again, who knows how long all of these characters are going to be separated?

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Photo: AMC

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