‘Sherlock’ season 3, episode 1 review: Sherlock Lives, how did he fake his death?

SherlockIt has been two long years since “Sherlock” has been on the air and when we last saw the famous detective he was plummeting to his death after jumping off a building while his best friend John Watson looked on with horror. There are very high expectations for today’s season 3 premiere which include some answers as to how Sherlock faked his death, how Watson will react to him being alive (and keeping it from him all this time) and how they will fit into each others lives now that things have changed. (Warning: there are spoilers ahead in this review for American viewers that have not seen this episode).

Sherlock spent two years breaking down Moriarty’s network so that he can safely come back without the threat of John, Mrs Hudson or Lestrade being killed. Although John didn’t know that Sherlock was alive there were a few people that did including Mycroft, Molly, his parents, his underground homeless network… pretty much everyone but John.

John has moved on with a woman named Mary that he is pretty serious about, but it true Sherlock fashion he finds a way to ruin an important moment in his life. Sherlock decides to “surprise” John to let him know that he’s still alive just when he’s about to propose to Mary. John reacts badly… very badly, and as much as Sherlock tries to explain or apologize John can’t stop punching him. Can anyone really blame him?

John won’t come back to work with Sherlock at first and so he tries to work with Molly as his right hand woman in place of John, but it doesn’t really work. When she tells him that she’s engaged to another man, he wishes her well, kisses her on the cheek and breaks the heart of Sherlock/Molly shippers everywhere (even though her finace is really just another version of Sherlock, but nicer).

After a near death experience for John in which Sherlock and Mary came to the rescue, John decides it’s time to talk to Sherlock and find out who tried to kill him (we still don’t have an answer to that one). Instead John is sucked back into a new case and it is one that ends up bringing John and Sherlock back together as John forgives him.

So how did Sherlock fake his death?  That was a lot of fun in the episode to see all the theories out there (we particularly liked the idea of Sherlock and Moriarty giggling on the roof top and making out). Sherlock explained that with the help of Mycroft, Molly and his underground homeless network, that when jumped he landed on crash pads hidden out of sight of John. A cyclist mowed John down and after the crash pad was moved, Molly threw a dead body out the window. Before John got back on his feet, Sherlock switched places with the body and covered himself in gore. The thing about the whole reveal was that he told this to Anderson of all people, who didn’t believe him. Is he telling Anderson the truth?

We loved seeing the deduction meeting of the minds between Mycroft and Sherlock, it was brilliant, and the fact that Sherlock’s parents are fairly normal was a nice surprised too. We also love the addition of Mary, she’s a perfect fit to the group. This was well worth the two year wait and we can’t wait until Sunday for an all new episode. Grade A

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