ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 3 spoilers: See Jack punch Daniel in the face (photo)

Jack -Clearly, someone has made it their New Year’s resolution on “Revenge” to fight back when some things are not going their way. In one of the latest promotional images for an upcoming season 3 episode of the drama, you can see Jack Porter clearly giving Daniel Grayson a piece of mind … and also a piece of his fist.

This photo comes from “Endurance,” which is the 12th episode of the season and is going to air a week after the show returns to the air on Sunday night. And based on this image, it is also pretty easy to figure out that Daniel must have done something pretty bad for Jack to get this upset with him. He has acted impulsively before (see the gun and Conrad), but this is a little bit a different situation.

For one, there is a witness in this moment in Sara, who has somehow still found a way to be a part of the madness despite being someone who, at this point, should really know better than to get involved in what is going on in the messiest family in the Hamptons. But, at the same time, Daniel is presenting the best version of himself to her.

Are we about to start seeing the Grayson son going down a dark, possibly-evil road? We know that this is something that Josh Bowman personally wants to see from the character, and he would have all of the motivation in the world in order to make it happen now that he knows that Emily Thorne lied to him.

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Photo: ABC

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