Kathy Griffin handcuffs herself to Anderson Cooper near end of CNN special

For most of CNN’s broadcast tonight involving Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin, we were waiting for that one key moment when things were really starting to go completely crazy and the headlines would start to reveal themselves. Last year, that big moment was Griffin doing something very suggestive to Anderson’s groin region; before that; she was very known for some very specific antics related to taking off her clothes midway through the show.

So what did Griffin do this time around? Let’s just say that she basically decided that it would be a great idea to actually handcuff herself to Cooper during one of the segments. This was a riff on something that happened a bit earlier regarding a gift from Nancy Grace, and she joked that only a few select people knew that she was going to do it in advance.

Anderson actually claimed that the handcuffs were rather tight-fitting, which seemed to add even more to the enjoyment that Kathy was feeling in the moment. The handcuffs even stuck around after commercial, which was a pretty incredible commitment to a bit that we though was going to have run its course completely by the time the two came back. All of this added to what ended up being one of the most entertaining nights in years for the network, which included some really great banter about celebrations around the world, and guests who seemed shocked by everything that was going on.

What do you think about this crazy moment on the show, and where do you think that this moment compares to some of the other ones that Kathy has done in the past?

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