‘The Bachelor’ cast spotlight: Meet Juan Pablo Galavis contestant Nikki Ferrell

Nikki -If you go strictly to her official page on ABC, you get the clear impression that “The Bachelor” really wants you to think that Nikki Ferrell is a pediatric nurse and not a model. In reality, she’s both! It is somewhat interesting that the show this season is choosing to hide the modeling backgrounds of so many of the women, and the only reason that we can think of is because they have a certain amount of fear that viewers are going to be automatically disposed to not liking some of the models, even if that is pretty unfair since they could be pretty nice.

When it comes to Nikki, you do have what is likely to be one of many models this season that has a genuine chance of going very far. We don’t think that Juan Pablo Galavis will shy away from being with people that have a more entertainment or fashion-based background, mostly since he is looking to have a career that is similarly fast-paced and on the go.

Nikki -

Possible pros – The good thing about Nikki having a nursing background is that she should be able to get along easily with Juan Pablo’s daughter Camila. Aren’t they put through training to be caring? It also means that she has probably been through some difficult situations in her life already, and from that standpoint there really should not be anything that comes with hanging out with women in a house that is overly stressful. She also comes across as at least fairly grounded, and someone who is going into this with at least a moderate amount of interest in making it work for her.

Possible cons – For Nikki, the only major issue we could see her running into is just getting the cold shoulder from some of the other women, and this in turn causing trouble with Juan Pablo. Many of the models (even the part-time ones) have struggled to make friends on the show over the years, even though there are some exceptions to that every now and then.

Pre-show outlook – This show is probably going to go at least pretty well for Nikki if she manages to stick around beyond the first episode or so. We just wish that there was something more interesting about her to make her a contestant to watch, since the vast majority of her background information really just comes across as boring. There is not really anything that stands out about it upon first read.

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Photo: ABC

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